Beth Klein Boulder receives humanitarian award

Boulder Lawyer Beth Klein receives humanitarian award.

It’s tough to write about Beth Klein and what she has done to deserve the Georgia R. Imhoff Philanthropist & Community Volunteer Extraordinaire Award. The Boulder attorney is a world leader in the fight to stop human trafficking — especially that which involves children — and while what she does is extremely important, it’s not easy to hear about, read about or write about.

She has brought the depth and severity of the issue to the attention of those in high places, and people are not only listening, they’re acting. Traffickers are being arrested, brought to trial and punished. There’s still much to be done, but Klein and an ever-growing network of like-minded activists are determined to keep chipping away as momentum builds and the problem is better addressed.

In 2010, following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Klein was a key player in mobilizing an armada of volunteers to ensure that orphans whose adoptions were already finalized were transported off the island and into the arms of their forever families in the U.S.

Her work is recognized through magazine and newspaper articles, radio and television appearances, and by numerous invitations to speak at conferences and training sessions around the world.

On Tuesday night, she was given the second Georgia P. Imhoff Philanthropist & Community Volunteer Extraordinaire Award at a party marking the 10th anniversary of Blacktie-Colorado. Imhoff was Blacktie’s co-founder; she died from pancreatic cancer in 2009.

The award is given every other year.

Imhoff’s daughter, Stacy Ohlsson, and her widower, Walt Imhoff,described Georgia’s passion for philanthropy; in particular, her dedication to helping abused children. Ryta Sondergard, the award’s first recipient, made the actual presentation.

“There was fire, there was wind, there was water and now there is you,” Sondergard said as she handed the award to Klein.

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Beth Klein

Beth Klein is an attorney, leadership trainer and writer. Beth empowers people through the practice of law, seminars and writings. She speaks about kindness, making the world a better place, foreign affairs, technology, treaties, terrorism, and beauty, music, science, and play. In 2018 she is committed to a kinder world, and she "uses her powers for good."

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