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large-facebook-coverHelp Klein Frank Foundation raise funds to compile evidence against a child abuser, pimp, charity fraudster and human trafficker. All donations through Klein Frank Foundation a 501(c)(3) are tax deductible.

Investigative journalist Julie Bindel is requesting $10,000 to produce and distribute a 10 part podcast series entitled ‘Hiding in Plain Sight: The Life & Crimes of Dr John Davies’.  Please see details of her project here: and this one-minute video here:

The total cost to complete this project is $10,000, which is purely for travel and accommodation to countries around the world in order to conduct interviews and investigate leads, recording equipment, studio time, administrative support, and data and voice file cleaning. Julie is not asking for any money for my salary, or anything beyond her basic travel and accommodation needs.

Brief Background

Ms. Bindel, a reporter for the Guardian, first began investigating John Davies in 1999.   Here is her story:

I was working as a researcher at a university in the UK, and was focusing on the human rights abuses of women and girls trafficked for the purposes of prostitution. I was told about John Davies, another Brit, by police officers who were attending a conference on the rights of asylum seekers and migrants. I soon realizedcropped-large-facebook-cover.jpg that he was a baby trafficker masquerading as a respectable academic. From that moment I kept a close eye on this man, and became increasingly determined to expose Davies for the crimes against women and children for which he has so far escaped justice.

 Davies began his criminal career selling the babies of women who had been raped during the Bosnian war, and ended it with creaming off more than $7.5 million from fake charities, supposedly providing food and shelter to impoverished women and children in India, Bangladesh, and Thailand, set up by Davies.

Since the 1980s, Davies has operated alongside other criminals in a number of countries in the Global North and South selling babies born of illiterate, trafficked women to wealthy Westerners whilst posing as a Christian adoption worker.

During this time, Davies, who was living in Hungary with his picture-perfect family, trafficked vulnerable women and girls into prostitution.  Davies has pimped young women into brothels in the UK, and raped and abused countless vulnerable females.

In 2009 Davies was acquitted in a British court of two counts of child rape and sexual abuse. He had paid so-called experts to travel all the way from New Zealand and South Africa to provide bogus evidence in his defence to the jury. I have evidence of this, and would dearly love to see a retrial.

In 2016, Davies was sentenced to 12 years in prison for charity fraud, but has never been convicted of the multiple crimes against women and children he has committed over the decades.

For further details of the John Davies story, this article gives an outline of Davies’ crimes:

The information I have provided is merely the tip of the iceberg – I have far more, which I will reveal (and pass on to the relevant law enforcement bodies) during my podcast.

There are countless other examples of how Davies has ruined lives and caused misery to children and women that I have discovered during 20 years of investigation. I wish to make this podcast – which will be disseminated widely – so that more of his victims will come forward.

The Funding

I am not asking for money for a salary, nor even for my out-of-pocket expenses.

With your contributions toward the $10,000, I will be able to produce and promote this podcast.  The money will also enable me to travel to Hungary to follow-up some very strong leads I have regarding the birth mothers of the babies that Davies took and sold to US and European families. I will be able to travel with the two adult women I am in contact with who were sold by Davies to their adoptive parents, and help them find the truth about their origins.

These women, who live in the US, have never seen their place of birth or met their blood family. These women want justice for their birth mothers and for themselves, and they want to stop the likes of John Davies being able to treat babies as merchandise.

I would keep detailed financial accounts of all money spent, which I would make available on request.

If you do decide to donate this money I will happily include you/your company/organisation/charity if you so wish, on all the publicity materials.   This podcast will certainly get a lot of attention both nationally and internationally.

Thank you for your time.

Julie Bindel. Investigative journalist and campaigner against violence towards women and children

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Beth Klein

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