October 16 Meeting – Roaring Fork

Just a reminder that we are going to hold our second Anti-Human Trafficking Meeting at the Third Street Center in Carbondale 9 – 11 am on October 16th. Invite your friends and colleagues!

Survey results can be accessed at this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-BJG5P39Q7/ This currently shows our priorities as supporting law enforcement, schools and youth. If you haven’t completed the survey, please do so that we can tap all of the brain power in this group. It takes 3 minutes.

Our Agenda:

Introductions and Opportunity to Make New Friends

Review Community Survey –

Updates on Current Prosecutions/ Stings / Projects Needed Volunteers and Help:

  1. 2020 Summit – Angela Roff
  2. Yampa Mountain High Generosity Project – students Max and Jaqueline will introduce the project to help at risk kids on the street.
  3. Trauma Informed Teacher Training – “Handle with Care” and introductions to models for law enforcement/ school partnerships with solid community support.
  4. Medical Provider Training
  5. Update on Goode Prosecution and Sting Operations
  6. What number should the Public and Mandatory Reporters call in this community if we need to report Human Trafficking?

Set Goals and Deadlines, Name our Group, Elect Leaders and Create Committees and Set future meetings.

Creating New Projects and Partnerships

Sign-ups for Current and New Programs


Beth Klein, Trial Attorney
Klein Frank, P.C. and Foundation
2505 Walnut St. Suite 100
Boulder, Colorado 80302

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