If you are aware of a circumstance of human trafficking or exploitation, and you think we can help.  Please contact us.  We provide legal services and referrals.


I reflect on my work on behalf of an over 60 year old woman, educated, skilled, smart – who became a puppet and slave for a charismatic pimp. Meeting my client for the first time was shocking.  She has lost a great deal of her hair; she had burns and whip marks from torture sessions to test her loyalty and self control to be still and silent.  Every muscle in her body was tense with fear; she had lost so much weight, she was shaking.  It was her first step out in public since her trafficker was in custody. The real deal.

In Boulder Colorado.

It has taken months for her to be able to speak; to walk in the sunlight.  When I met her she barely crawled or breathed.  And fast forward, she was able to walk to court in the day, with her loving dog, and bear witness to the horrors she survived.

I wanted a far larger verdict, and I believe all trafficking victims, raw slaves, and torture victims deserve more.  Colorado caps pain and suffering at a pittance of $400,000 or so.  Here the judge did all he could to double the verdict and add punitive damages and economic losses.  But the civil law is inadequate to compensate the range of injuries that human beings suffer in Colorado.  Torture:  being tased for 8 or more hours a session until one can no longer maintain bladder control.  Whippings.  Cigarette burnings.  Cuttings.  De-humanization – sleep deprivation.  Torture for three years.  Extortion.  Complete loss of self.

Colorado legislators need to boldly stand up once again, and ensure that all assets of the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity are stripped from them.  Let’s see who steps up to the plate this session.

For too many years only prosecutions have priority; well, it’s time to allow new and expanded civil side remedies to END IT.   www.init2endit.com

Do What Matters

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Course Instructors:  Klein Frank Foundation Founder, Beth Klein,  with Barry Berman, founder of Integritas Consulting.

Beth Klein is a recognized leader in the challenge to end human trafficking and exploitation.  She is a trial lawyer who uses law to empower people in the Courthouse and in Legislatures around the world.  In 2000 Beth committed to assist any government anywhere to write effective anti-human trafficking law for free.    Beth will inspire you to accept challenges that “look” difficult and will help you discover your leadership tools to effectively .

Barry Berman leads leadership and effectiveness courses for governments and businesses.  He has consulted  within the mining, healthcare,  government and aviation businesses.  He has lead programs with such diverse companies as Dow Chemical, Accenture, BP, Bell Canada, IHS, Hilton, Hudson Bay Mining, Inco, Stillwater Mining, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Education, US Forest Service and other organizations and non-profits. His work has brought him to Europe, Australia, South America and the Far East.

The law of human trafficking is a relatively new legal framework that has come a long way but needs the thinking and work of dedicated trial lawyers in order to end the crime.   We have seen, over the past 40 years, that the efforts of trial lawyers in partnership with government and activists have brought enormous advances in the quality of life –  the use of seatbelts – and diminishing distracted driving, smoking, DDT, Asbestos, and unsafe products.   So far, activists, poorly funded NGO’s, and outgunned law enforcement have worked on law, policy and awareness, but now it is time to end the crime. Continue reading “The Issue”

The Klein Frank Foundation believes that education, creating jobs, supporting economies, providing safety and rule of law for displaced and vulnerable people are the keys to stopping exploitation and human trafficking.  We work in three areas:  law, community empowerment, and leadership development.   Join us.

How Can We Help?

If you are aware of a circumstance of human trafficking or exploitation, and you think we can help.  Please contact us.  We provide legal services and referrals. Continue reading “How Can We Help?”