As part of its mission to end exploitation the Klein Frank Foundation trains and empowers new leaders to tackle the challenges of our time. Our leadership projects and programs have made a profound difference in the United States and around the world.  With just a glance at the news we can see failure to utilize our resources and people power to have our world work.   The world needs leaders who have the tools to effectively tackle challenges.  The Klein Frank Foundation is committed to meet this need.  

Do What Matters

Become the authentic and effective leader you have dreamed of being. Dare to commit to making a profound difference. Be inspired, challenged, and empowered. The Leadership Course and Anti-Human Trafficking Summits will help you discover your strengths and put them into practice. Why wait? Do What Matters.


The Klein Frank Foundation offers two forms of empowerment trainings.

The Leadership Course is provided to organizations in connection with certified Course Consultants.  The content in each of the three parts of the Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise Of Leadership Course is not presented merely as ideas to be understood and mastered. Rather, participants work to master certain powerful contexts that shape and color the way in which the circumstances one confronts in leadership situations occur or show up, and how one occurs for oneself in such situations. When mastered, these contexts for leader and leadership result in the circumstances of any leadership situation, and oneself in such situations, occurring or showing up so that one’s naturally correlated way of being and acting is that of being a leader and exercising leadership effectively.

The Klein Frank Foundation organizes Summits and community gatherings to bring awareness and help platform relationships to end human trafficking.

The law of human trafficking is a relatively new legal framework that has come a long way but needs the thinking and work of dedicated trial lawyers in order to end the crime.   We have seen, over the past 40 years, that the efforts of trial lawyers in partnership with government and activists have brought enormous advances in the quality of life –  the use of seatbelts – and diminishing distracted driving, smoking, DDT, Asbestos, and unsafe products.   So far, activists, poorly funded NGO’s, and outgunned law enforcement have worked on law, policy and awareness, but now it is time to end the crime. Continue reading “The Issue”

The Klein Frank Foundation believes that education, creating jobs, supporting economies, providing safety and rule of law for displaced and vulnerable people are the keys to stopping exploitation and human trafficking.  We work in three areas:  law, community empowerment, and leadership development.   Join us.

How Can We Help?

If you are aware of a circumstance of human trafficking or exploitation, and you think we can help.  Please contact us.  We provide legal services and referrals.