The Mission of the Klein Frank Foundation is to stop exploitation of vulnerable people and to empower individuals who have suffered exploitation, violence and catastrophe. We write law for free to stop human trafficking and laws to right the wrongs perpetrated against human beings. We support refugee resettlement programs and provide special education opportunities for people working with refugees and refugees themselves. We platform and incubate community-wide coalitions to tackle community problems such as human trafficking and poverty.

As part of our mission, we provide on-the-ground leadership projects so that leaders from all walks of life can put their leadership skills in action and develop programs to make a profound difference in the United States and around the world. We practice the distinctions of “integrity” and “partnership.” 

No problem is solved without a community. No problem is solved unless there is collective action.

Our programs and partnerships have had significant impact on the vulnerable in Cambodia, Haiti, Syria, Costa Rica, Israel, and the United States.