Boulder attorneys Beth Klein and Carrie Frank believe that creating jobs, supporting economies, providing safety and rule of law for displaced and vulnerable people are the keys to stopping exploitation and human trafficking.

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The Klein Frank Foundation and Boulder lawyers Beth Klein and Carrie Frank work with governments around the world to enact and enforce laws that work specifically for each unique community. We value self sufficiency to provide a lasting, secure and meaningful future for the displaced and vulnerable.  We help victims of trafficking by securing compensation and restoration of dignity.  We work to ensure that public justice systems work for the vulnerable, and not simply for the powerful.

We are lawyers who care and who use our education, skills and creativity to help people in need.  We say, “We use law for good.”

The Klein Frank Foundation believes in strong partnerships with people needing assistance, government, activists, and business to provide joint resources and robust collaboration to end exploitation and human trafficking. The Klein Frank Foundation was founded by Beth Klein Boulder Attorney and Carrie Frank and is a 501(c)(3).  This is an official page of the Klein Frank Foundation, Beth Klein Boulder and Carrie Frank.


We support on the ground efforts to build businesses and rule of law.  We assist any government for free in writing anti-human trafficking law and policy.  We help displaced, vulnerable, and trafficked people connect to support, education, and resources to lead a new life.  We provide representation, training & consultations.   The Klein Frank Foundation was founded by Boulder Attorneys Beth Klein and Carrie Frank and is a US based 501(c)(3) located in Boulder Colorado.


For a few pennies a day, you can support projects that support self sufficiency, increase safety and promote rule of law.  Our scholarship program is designed to assist displaced and trafficked people building their lives.  The money you donate will assist efforts to support local economies, promote business ownership, and empower self sufficiency and success.


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